About us

Brazilian Hair Emporium CCs birth place is Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia, the country known for its wide open spaces and contrasts. Its a woman owned corporation that commenced operations on the03 August 2011 and trades in natural hair extensions, hair extension tool kits and hair accessories. Its philosophy is to make all women feel as remarkable as they are through its interaction with each and every woman. It strives to offer high quality products with enough variety to fit everyones needs.

Many of our competitors only focus on one or two areas of hair extensions, forcing customers to visit multiple companies in order to get all the needed products or pushing them into buying products they dont necessarily want.We strive to offer our clientele a wide variety of high quality hair extension products for example a salon who wants to install different kinds of extensions or women on a budget who needs inexpensive and temporary extension solutions. Therefore, we source hair products for all women to make every women feel as remarkable as they are.

At BHE, we offer micro bead extensions, fusion extensions, tape-in extensions and clip-in extensions. Each extension is different but equally important. Each client has a preference and BHE strives to offer products meeting all these preferences. To clarify, micro bead extensions offer flexibility and require no heat for installation. It can last for 3-6 months due to the strand by strand installing method giving 360 degree hair movement. The fusion extensions also offer a natural 360 degree hair movement and flexibility. Tape-in extensions are flat, like the hair, look and feel extremely natural, offer a fast and seamless installation, lasting just as long as the other methods. Clip-in hair extensions cater to women who dont want a permanent hair extension but rather a temporary hair do for a day or an evening out. All these products are of the highest quality and are as remarkable as the women who wear them.

Quality is not the only object we strive for, women come from every walk of life and what may be inexpensive to one woman may be unreasonable for another. BHE has created competitive prices that could reach all demographics of women that are less expensive than our competitors yet we dont cut corners for example, at BHE when you buy a 200gr of hair, it is guaranteed to be sufficient for a complete head installation.

We have an awesome team to work with clients one on one and its the customer service, more that the product which keeps people coming back. The team understands how imperative a happy customer is and executes their jobs with the customer in mind. Our team knows about the products and has had hands on experience with them so they can assist clients. Each of them can speak intelligently to the clients about our products. At BHE, it is important to build friendships and partnerships with our clients, the most important part of our company.

It goes without saying that no matter how well priced our products are, how kind our team is, or even how much of a variety we have all of these products are of the highest quality and sourced directly from Brazil,

These women take great care of the hair so when its cut, its virtually perfect. Our purchases bring income and prosperity to these communities. This system serves more than those who buy the hair, it serves those who donate it, process it, and ship it. I am grateful that I could create an industry that does much good in the world.

I hope you have a great experience with Brazilian Hair Emporium CCs hair extensions. Thank you for being such an amazing client and helping make my business what it is today.

Ayesha Tjiueza,Founder & Managing Member

Brazilian Hair Emporium CCs